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Seattle Area Mass Transit Related Injuries

Mass Transit Accidents

Puget Sound communities have been pioneers in developing mass transit options. We have the Seattle Monorail, Seattle Metro, Sound Transit and Sounder Commuter Rail. We have state-run ferries, Amtrak and Greyhound. When you add these modes of transport to Seattle’s already congested streets, you know that accidents will happen.

Injured in an accident involving a bus, train or ferry?

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Mass transit accidents often result in serious injuries. Sudden stops by a train, passengers being dragged by a bus or inattention by a member of a ferry loading crew can lead to head and brain injuries or wrongful death. Our law firm handles all types of injury cases arising from common carrier accidents.


Most people injured in an accident involving mass transit such as buses or ferries do not know where to turn for answers. If they are unable to work because of their injuries, they question whether they will be able to pay their medical bills. If they are facing permanent disability, they worry about making ends meet in the future. They need answers. Our lawyers can address all your concerns.

Using our knowledge and experience for you

Our lawyers are dedicated to seeking full compensation for people injured in any type of mass transit accident. We have a full-time investigator on staff who determines the facts of your case, interviewing witnesses and reviewing accident reports. Our experienced attorneys are well versed in the issues of strict liability that apply in mass transit accidents. We use all our resources to build strong cases designed to obtain maximum payment for expenses and damages.

If you were injured in an involving a bus, train or ferry, contact our Seattle-area personal injury law firm. Call us at 866-LAW-2345.

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