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Commercial Vehicle Accidents / Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Lawyers Seattle Washington

An accident between a car and a semi truck is usually catastrophic for the driver and passengers in the car. Accidents involving cars and other types of commercial vehicles are similarly disastrous. For example, the sheer weight of a piece of construction equipment means an accident leaves the car wrecked and the passengers seriously injured.

Injured in a truck accident?

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At the Seattle-area law firm, Law Offices of James Newton PLLC, we are accomplished personal injury attorneys with years of experience. We have obtained full compensation for many people injured in accidents involving semis and other commercial vehicles.

Lawyers sensitive to your situation

Many of our clients have suffered catastrophic injuries and have been rendered permanently disabled because of the accident. Other clients have come to us after the wrongful death of a loved one in a trucking accident. In all cases, we examine the facts of the case and work to get clients full compensation as quickly as possible. We know you may be unable to work and have unpaid bills and need payment now.

Municipal vehicles cause injuries, too

We have assisted people who have been involved in accidents with municipal vehicles, such as police cars, road maintenance equipment, garbage trucks and fire trucks. We are knowledgeable about liability law as it applies to public entities such as cities, counties and the State of Washington. Our attorneys know how to proceed against such defendants.

Attorneys working for you

Trucking companies and their insurance carriers have many lawyers working for them. Their job is to minimize the amount the insurer has to pay claimants. Our job is to make sure that our clients get a fair hearing and receive the compensation they deserve to recover from a serious injury caused by a truck accident.

Contact our attorneys at the Law Offices of James Newton PLLC if you’ve been injured in a truck accident. Call 866-LAW-2345 to learn how we can help you obtain maximum compensation.

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