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Bicycle-Car Accidents

Bicycle Accidents Attorneys Seattle, Washington

Seattle and the surrounding area is a mecca for bicycle riders. There are many trails bike lanes. Many people are encouraged by their employers to ride their bicycles to work. This volume of bike riders means that there are many accidents involving bicycles and cars. Even though most cyclists wear helmets as required by Washington law, they are highly vulnerable and riders often suffer head injuries and other serious injuries when involved in an accident.

Full compensation is our goal

At our law firm, Law Offices of James Newton PLLC, our attorneys help bicycle riders who have been injured by the negligence of the driver of a car or truck obtain full compensation for their injuries. We have secured payment for the medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering that resulted from a bike-car accident.

Injured in a bicycle accident?

Contact the personal injury lawyers at Law Offices of James Newton PLLC. Call us at 866-LAW-2345 to learn we can help you.

One of the issues in bicycle accidents is insurance coverage. We look at the car driver’s PIP (personal injury protection) insurance, your health insurance and your own auto insurance. We dig deep to find sources of compensation so that you can obtain the resources you need to recover from a bike-car accident.

Bike riders can be invisible

Our clients have come to us after being injured in collisions caused by opening the door of a parked car in the path of an oncoming bike (commonly known as “dooring”). Others have suffered injuries when a car or truck made a right turn at a red light or stop sign without stopping or changed lanes without signaling. Usually the driver of the car says, “I never saw him”.

If you have been injured in a bike-car accident, contact our attorneys at the Law Offices of James Newton PLLC. Call 866-LAW-2345 to learn how we can help you obtain full payment for your injuries.

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