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Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal Cord Injuries in Seattle and Bellvue, WA

People who suffer spinal cord injuries can be changed forever. They may be unable to work at all or may be forced to abandon their careers. They may need full time care. In addition, their injury has a significant emotional impact on their families. Even when the injuries are less severe, they are usually permanent and require a victim to adjust the way he or she lives.

Did an accident leave you with a spinal cord injury?

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Don’t underestimate the cost

Whether the injury is severe and causes paralysis or leaves the injured person with some level of functionality, the cost is great in terms of medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. People may need vocational re-training. They may need assistive medical devices, such as wheelchairs or braces. They may require ongoing rehabilitation.

Experienced lawyers working to get you the help you need

Our attorneys help people who are experiencing paralysis or neuropathy after an accident. We investigate and evaluate your case and work to get the resources you need as quickly as possible. We ensure that you receive the correct diagnosis so that nerve damage is not misdiagnosed as neuropathy or sciatica.

Serious injury can happen anywhere, anytime

Car accidents, motorcycle accidents and trucking accidents are common causes of spinal cord injuries and resulting paralysis. They can also occur when a physician makes an error during surgery. Spinal cord injuries can occur when a defective product explodes or otherwise malfunctions. Any accident that results in a back or neck injury can also cause a spinal cord injury.

Seeking full compensation for your injuries

We calculate the cost of your injury over the course of your life, factoring in lost future income, the cost of in-home care and even the need to adapt your car. Our goal is to obtain full compensation for our injured clients.

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