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Scars, Disfigurement and Amputations

Scars and Amputation Lawyers in Seattle

Disfiguring scars, especially facial scars, can cause more than emotional damage. It may lead to loss of income. If a young person who has begun a career as a model suffers an ugly facial scar, he or she will be unable to pursue that career and earn a high salary.

The same is true of an amputation. If a car accident left you without your legs, you will be limited throughout your life. Even though there are remarkable prosthetics available today, most people will be find themselves unable to do many of the things they did before their accident.

Did an accident lead to an amputation or leave a scar?

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Seeking full compensation for you

Our attorneys seek maximum compensation for clients who have been scarred by burns, errors in surgery or car accidents. Similarly, we look for full damages for people who have lost a limb because of negligence or misconduct. We work with our in-house investigator and with other experts and specialists to build strong cases for people whose lives were changed by disfigurement or amputation.

Working to get you needed compensation

Fires and car crashes are primary sources of disfiguring scars. Product defects, motorcycle crashes and truck accidents are common causes of amputations. Our firm helps people who have been seriously burned in a house fire or lost an arm because of a defective tool. Whatever the cause, victims of accidents resulting in scars or amputation will require extensive medical and psychological treatment as well as vocational retraining. We work to obtain the resources they will need.

If you have been disfigured by a scar or suffered an amputation, contact a personal injury attorney to learn about obtaining compensation. Call our Kent, Washington law firm 866-LAW-2345 to learn how we can help.

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