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Head and Brain Injuries

Brain Injury Attorneys in Seattle

A head or brain injury can be either overwhelming or subtle. People may demonstrate significant and obvious mental deficits. Or, they may experience minor personality changes that leave them unable to work in their chosen career. In either case, the long term cost of a brain injury is huge. It is important to have the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn about your options.

Did an accident leave you with a brain or head injury?

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Calculating the cost

Our goal is to obtain maximum compensation for victims of head and brain injuries so that they and their families have needed resources. We work with investigators and specialists to identify the negligent party and to determine the extent of the injuries. We consult with vocational experts, neuro-psychologists and rehab providers, among others, to help us calculate the full cost of the brain injury.


Traumatic brain injury (TBI), the most common form of brain injury, is the result of a blow to the head. It can happen in a car accident or other motor vehicle accident. It can arise because of an incident caused by dangerous property conditions. It appears in military veterans who have been injured by explosives. If you lost consciousness as a result of a blow or strike to your head, you may have suffered TBI.

Consequences to the victim and the family

Our experienced attorneys understand that the after-effects of a head or brain injury can last a lifetime. In addition to its impact on the victim, a brain injury affects the family of the injured person in many ways. Some people require full time medical care. Even more are left with some degree of functionality. It is frustrating for them and those around them to adjust to their changed abilities. There are the daily irritations caused by their cognitive and emotional problems, such as memory and speech loss. A family may be affected because the injured person can no longer contribute to the household income at the same level.

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