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Burn Injuries

Burn Injuries • Fire-related Injuries • Seattle-Area

Serious burn injuries can be catastrophic. The victim in horrible pain. He or she also risks serious infection and faces a life clouded by disfigurement, nerve damage and multiple medical procedures.

Strong cases that seek full compensation

Our law firm helps burn injury victims. We have pursued cases against individuals who caused a car accident that resulted in a fire. We have also claimed damages from manufacturers who produced a defective product that exploded. Our cases have included claims against the landlord of an apartment building that had inoperative smoke detectors. In all instances, our attorneys have built strong cases that seek maximum compensation from the negligent parties.

Did you suffer burns because of negligence?

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Overwhelming costs require full compensation

The costs of a burn injury can be staggering and last a lifetime. Burn injury victims have catastrophic medical bills. They usually have disfiguring scars. They often need extensive psychological therapy and multiple reconstructive surgeries. They are frequently out of work for many weeks or months or may be unable to ever return to the job.

We have obtained full payment for many burn injury victims. Our experienced attorneys seek compensation for medical bills, past and future wages, pain and suffering. Whether you were burned in a house fire or an industrial accident, speak with a personal injury lawyer to find out about your options.

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